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Mobile Wallets

An easier way to pay – with your mobile device.

We are excited to offer Mobile Wallets — a digital payment system in which you connect your Parda debit card and pay securely using your smart phone. This contactless, convenient payment system is the most secure way to pay at stores, restaurants, or even for online purchases. Mobile Wallets encrypt every transaction, so your debit card remains inaccessible to others. Over 10 million stores in the U.S. offer payment with Mobile Wallets.

Use your mobile wallet anywhere you see the contactless pay symbol. No more digging around for your card.



Apple Pay

To get started on your Apple® device, open the Wallet App, tap the blue plus sign, and follow the prompts to add your Parda Debit Card. If you’re asked to verify your card, please call 800.663.7354. Apple Pay uses Touch ID® or Face ID® to authenticate your transactions. With a device-specific number and unique transaction code, it makes sure your card data is never stored on Apple servers or shared with merchants.



Google Pay

To use Google Pay, download the app from Google Play™. Add your Parda Debit Card to the app, and start purchasing! If you’re asked to verify your card, please call 800.663.7354. Google Pay creates a virtual account number to represent you, so that your card data is never shared and your account stays private.



Samsung Pay

To use Samsung Pay, download the Samsung Pay app, touch “add,” and take a photo of your Parda Debit Card. Scan your fingerprint or your eye, or select a PIN, to authenticate your purchases in the future. If you’re asked to verify your card, please call 800.663.7354. Samsung uses your fingerprint, iris scan, or PIN to authenticate your purchase. If your phone is stolen or hacked, your card information is encrypted and protected.

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