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Volunteer Opportunities

Give back, develop your skills, and help empower fellow members.


Parda’s volunteer leadership includes our Board of Directors, Associate Directors, and Supervisory Committee. All volunteers have the opportunity to serve their community, build knowledge and skills in the Credit Union industry, and participate in decisions to support our members’ financial success. 

As a not-for-profit organization, we are dedicated to the philosophy of “people helping people” and seek volunteer candidates from all walks of life to best represent the voices of our members. Each member of Parda’s Board of Directors is elected by the general membership. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to set goals for Parda’s future and oversee the management team strategy for achieving those goals. Associate Directors are non-voting participants on the Board who are developing the knowledge and skills to serve as Board members. The Supervisory Committee oversees the financial stability of the Credit Union.  

General qualifications for board members:

  • Membership in good standing with the Credit Union
  • Use of the Credit Union’s products and services
  • Satisfactory credit and references check

Volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Attend regular and special meetings of the Board or Supervisory Committee
  • Attend the Credit Union Annual Meeting
  • Actively seek opportunities to learn about the Credit Union industry

Benefits for you:

  • Invitations to both Credit Union and community events 
  • Opportunity to gain experience that may enhance your professional and personal life
  • Satisfaction of contributing to the success of a financial institution where you are a direct member/owner

If you are interested in serving Parda in any volunteer leadership capacity, please complete and return the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Application