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Financial Education

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Financial education for the entire family.

Parda has teamed up with Banzai to provide online financial tools including: calculators, articles, coaches, and simulation courses for people of all ages in every stage of life!

Banzai is a FUN approach to financial education:

Adults – Banzai’s rich array of resources helps:

  • Discover ideas for teaching kids about money
  • Analyze financial decisions with planning calculators
  • Plan for big life events, such as going to college, buying your first home, or saving for retirement.

Kids and Teens - Banzai’s “edutainment” approach makes it fun to:

  • Test your financial skills
  • Level up your knowledge about savings, expenses, interest and more by managing a budget through interactive games
  • Learn responsible money management beyond the “piggy bank”

Take advantage of these resources:

Calculators: Use these calculators to help budget, plan for retirement, or even estimate your loan payment.
Articles: On topics ranging from teaching children about money to critical retirement choices, and everything in-between.
Coaches: Walk through important financial decisions with an online coach.
Simulation Courses: Make decisions in a sim environment to learn financial literacy first-hand, and have some fun!

Level up your money game!

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The services offered are not a deposit account, and is not federally insured, sold or guaranteed by Parda Federal Credit Union.