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Associate Director Program

Get involved in a program that benefits both you and the Credit Union.

Our Associate Directors (ADs) contribute to and participate in strategic and policy discussions, under supervision of the Board of Directors, in a non-voting capacity.*

 Requirements of Associate Director position:

  • Attend the Annual Meeting, all meetings of the Board, and any Committees to which they are appointed**
  • Actively participate in Board discussions***
  • Represent and promote Parda's products and services in the community
  • Complete a minimum of three CUNA Professional Development Volunteer Achievement Program modules during their first 12-month term (at Parda’s expense)
  • Complete any additional training required for the Board of Directors

Eligibility for Associate Director candidacy:

  • Membership in good standing with the Credit Union for at least one year, age 18 or older
  • Credit rating with no unexplained bankruptcies or collections
  • Aptitude for both financial principles and interpersonal communication
  • Time available to discharge the duties of a director
  • Commitment to continuing education on accounting, industry issues, laws and regulations
  • Excellent moral character, sound judgment, and personal accountability
  • Dedication to acting independently in the best interest of the membership
  • Previous business, education, or community leadership helpful
  • Bondable status under current Parda guidelines
  • Completed Volunteer Application on file

If you are interested in serving Parda in any volunteer leadership capacity, please complete and return the Volunteer Application.

Volunteer Application

Membership required. Parda Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members are not compensated. *Serving as a Parda AD does not guarantee that an AD will become a Director.  To become a Director, an AD is subject to election to the Director position as outlined in PARDA’s bylaws.  **If an AD fails to attend regular meetings of the Board for three consecutive months or four meetings within a calendar year, or otherwise fails to perform duties of an AD in the sole discretion of a majority of the Board of Directors, the AD may be removed from office by the Board of Directors in executive (closed) session. ***Associate Directors may not make a motion, second a motion, or vote. An AD will not be allowed to attend executive (closed) sessions of the Board unless approved by the Board of Directors in advance.