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Mortgage Loans Eastpointe, MI

Get Pre-Approved for a Parda Mortgage Loan in Eastpointe!

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Becoming a homeowner in Eastpointe is an exciting journey, whether you’re purchasing for the first time, buying a vacation or investment property, or downsizing for the next stage of life. But finding the perfect home can be tough, which is why the Parda Credit Union and Member First Mortgage (MFM) lending team works hard to make the mortgage loan process as easy as possible! Just as picking the right real estate agent in Eastpointe helps you navigate the buying journey, choosing a hands-on lender helps you avoid last-minute delays in the mortgage process. At Parda and Member First Mortgage (MFM), we take you step by step through the required documentation, form signatures, and third party services (like the appraisal and title search). 

Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval

As you begin your Eastpointe house hunt, it’s important to get pre-approved for your mortgage loan as soon as possible. The first benefit is that you will know how much you qualify for and what type of budget you’re working with. Plus, having that mortgage loan pre-approval letter from your Parda Credit Union and Member First Mortgage (MFM) loan officer actually makes your offer much more competitive. The seller knows you’ve got your financing in place so the deal can sail to closing.

Mortgage Loan Options In Eastpointe

Here’s an overview of features available with Parda and Member First Mortgage (MFM)’s mortgage program in Eastpointe:

  • Fixed rate mortgage loans
  • Multiple year terms available
  • Our Eastpointe team will always service your mortgage loan
  • Low closing costs with no hidden or unnecessary fees

In addition to conventional and FHA mortgages, we also offer the following specialty home loans for eligible applicants in Eastpointe:

  • VA and Native American Section 184 mortgage loans
  • USDA mortgage loans
  • Specialty / Nontraditional mortgage loans

We’re ready to help you on your path to homeownership in Eastpointe, Michigan. Reach out to Parda and Member First Mortgage (MFM) today and get started with your house hunt! Our mortgage loan specialists are available to assist you.